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Love message … Things to consider per a beautiful garden Basic principles of garden design Use these basic steps to bring the Japanese feeling into your garden. First of all, accept that ideal of nature. That is, keep things in your garden as true as possible, and avoid including things that could interfere with this natural appearance … #Li

Sportalm, top in patchwork design, white Sportalm Kitzbühel

Branches and branches are a great material for small DIY projects that anyone can do, there are so many fun things with sticks and branches to …

Decoration trend: make blowball last –

Advent wreath DIY

Decorative objects – wreath door wreath "spring flowers" – a unique product by Artan on DaWanda Things to note for a beautiful garden Basic principles of garden design Get the Japanese feeling into your garden with these basic steps. First of all, accept the ideal of nature. In other words, tear things off in your garden as truly as possible … #DecorObjects

DIY video: just make your own moss wreath. The natural decoration for every season. Step by step and explained in great detail. Homemade from natural materials: branches and twigs


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