Pink & yellow Easter egg vine wreath

Pink & yellow Easter egg vine wreath

Fresh evergreen and special green on a vine wreath that you can enjoy all winter

$ 5.50 Rustic wreath ornament nest with moss and eggs, garden decor

Heart wreath #ValentinesDay #love #heartshape #design #essentialspanyc

DIY branch wreath ~ Form heavy rusty wire into a 4-inch circle (old wire hanger or use a small wreath shape). Collect branches, make bundles with more wire – leave enough wire to attach them to the circle. Cut the bottom so that the bundles are about 6 inches tall. or 7 "long. Make 15 or 20 bundles (this wreath lasted 17). Attach the bundles one at a time, lay them horizontally with the wire frame and overlap each.

From garden pruning to spring decoration – tree pruning

handmade Christmas card … rustic wreath from Ceedee … white base with vine wreath stamped in force … Lenin Bos and wooden snowflake neckline … beautiful !!

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See how easy it is to get an angel vine (or wire vine) into a topiary shape. You just need a few simple tools and this tutorial to make your own! #hymnsandverses #diytopiary #topiary #angelvine

Constant hot melt glue gun


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