Lamb's Ear Grapevine Wreath. Farmhouse wreath. Lamb's Ear Wreath. Door wreath. Monogram wreath.

1632 Lamb's Ear Grapevine Wreath. Farmhouse

Love message … Things to consider per a beautiful garden Basic principles of garden design Use these basic steps to bring the Japanese feeling into your garden. First of all, accept that ideal of nature. That is, keep things in your garden as true as possible, and avoid including things that could interfere with this natural appearance … #Li

Atelier Kari lager kranser, hjerter og Dekorasjoner av vakre naturmaterialer. Decoratør at Finnskogen.

Modern hoop wreath DIY

Hair wreath with lavender and gypsophila … for the bride for the wedding and every other beautiful day.

..for all who like it of course … great wreath for hanging about 31 cm wreath diameter plus the ribbons I have processed various mosses, great cones, cinnamon, anise, various ribbons (crocheted …

Dear Ones, as promised, here is a little guide for our beloved eucalyptus wreaths. I have prepared two variants for you, a very delicate one made up of …

I'm not really into Christmas wreath & Co. this year. After I got 3 beautiful paper bags from Vanessa68 a few days ago, it was clear that one of them had to be used as a wreath replacement: smile:

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Sportalm, top in patchwork design, white Sportalm Kitzbühel


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