DIY autumn decoration

DIY autumn decoration – metal ring / autumn wreath with photo for a lot of cosiness at home. The complete handicraft instructions are available at

Advent bar (e.g. as an alternative to the advent wreath). Made from old and rustic wood, processed in old wood look, brushed & flamed. Decorated and with the candles on candle plates. The numbers are placed on cut slate slabs with small pendants.

How To Shred a Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin – 19 Ideas #Crafts

cheap table decoration with shells and candle

Patinadora Skater figure figure skater tinker craft manualidad children kids ninos winter invierno

Green advent wreath with tassels

DIY pine cone wreath. The most beautiful Christmas wreath made of pine cones that you … # cone wreath # pine #schonste #tannenzapfen #weihnachtskranz

#From #decorama #design piece #of #frame #from –

Tying an autumn door wreath yourself is not difficult at all. For the autumn wreath made of natural materials, almost everything can be found on an autumn walk. After tying the moss wreath, decorate the autumn wreath. The autumn door wreath is a quick autumn decoration that costs almost nothing.


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