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Oh colorful autumn! Autumn, like no other season, encourages tinkering with its fruits from nature, don't you think? So…

Check out this item in my Etsy shop / …

1953 Driftwood wind chime Millefiori glass beads handmade Beautiful natural driftwood wind chime with beautiful selected driftwoods and Millefiori glass beads Lampwork beads Indian glass beads handmade Silver neck beads on a solid leather cord beautiful to look at. UNIKAT with handmade pendant and 1xmailger KennNr by # helenehoelle.d

Moss bunny with a cotton tail ~ a privileged door exclusive. Bring South chic style to your home this Easter with this exclusive moss covered bunny motif! I offer three sizes for you to customize to your liking. The little bunny is 15 inches in height (tip too

..for all who like it of course … great wreath for hanging about 31 cm wreath diameter plus the ribbons I have processed various mosses, great cones, cinnamon, anise, various ribbons (crocheted …

Autumn wreath – DIY decorations for doors and walls – LeniBel

Buy christmas decoration & decorations online – IKEA

Nieuw Binnen !!! – HerbersLifestyle

DIY: making a wreath – rose petals from filter bags – rose petals – YouTube


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